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In Ymeetee, we believe in staying rooted on-prem, strong, friendly and SECURED

Video conferencing has come a long way since its inception. From Proprietary Protocol to ITU Standards, from Leased Circuit to ISDN and now predominantly Internet Protocol ( IP ). As we progress into the 2nd decade of the new Millennium, market shift into keener adoption of newer proprietary protocol and algorithm to foster a faster, reliable, mobility and more SECURED environment without losing any of its key function and features – not an island but worldwide connectivity yet at a more affordable price – welcome to the world of Ymeetee Private Cloud : desktop and mobile conferencing.            A game changer, a mover with mobility in mind and SECURED.


From desktop to laptop, from tablet to mobile device, mobility, functionality and flexibility is key in today’s mode of deploying and using video conferencing or virtual meeting. Ymeetee on-prem server ( Private Cloud ) gives you an added advantage over Subscription Plan ( Public Cloud ) where no ROI is in place, no control over the system and whose security is in lacking. With Ymeetee, you own it, manage it, low maintenance, ease of use and SECURED.


Video Collaboration Solution

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Watch our product video

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