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YCHAIN DCS Conference Phone


DCS series of Conference phone is the ideal platform for small to medium size conference room. It delivers exceptional performance and voice quality making the conference call with high clarity and more productive. Users speaks in normal tone which can be pick up clearly and effortlessly by the intelligent array of built-in microphone some 3 meters away while the Dynamic Noise Reduction (DNR) feature actively removes background noise. The DCS Conference phone wth its wireless capabilities enables conference call that is far more superior, flexible and productive than ever before. 

Key features

Compatible with Zoom, Microsoft Team, GoToMeeting, Skype, Cisco Webex, Google Meet etc.

Employs Digital wirelss and anti jamming technology

Support for Windows and Mac user

Build-in battery with charging thru' USB cable

Dynamic Noise Reduction along with Automatic Gain Control

CE mark of Certification

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key features


Ychain DCS Conference Phone.pdf

Ychain DCS1540WEX datasheet.pdf

Ychain DCS1550WEX datasheet.pdf

Ychain DCS1560WEX datasheet.pdf

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DCS models

Ychain DCS 1532W

Ychain DCS1530W + DAS

Ychain DCS 1540WEX with 2 Mics

Ychain DCS 1550WEX with 3 Mics

Ychain DCS1560WEX with 4 mics

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DCS models
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