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Ymeetee HD Video Conference Server


Ymeetee Server is deployed as on-premises to provide real-time collaboration applications to bring distributed teams together

A server so small yet so powerful to deliver all the rich features you will need in a video conference call

From 2 participants up to a maximum of 600 participants with different screen layout to support up to 30 webcams. Feature includes screen resizing, content sharing, change presenter, whiteboard, annotation, chat, file transfer, recording, Telepresence mode ( multiple screen ) etc . With 3 models to choose from with varying capacities.


Ymeetee HD Video Conference has never been so easy. From the comfort of your desktop, laptop and mobile device ( iOS & Android ), it’s a simple 3 step process


Meet and collaborate. Fastest speed.

Ymeetee makes meetings easy. It is one of the fastest solutions in the industry. Anyone in a meeting can display his desktop or a particular application and have anyone else control his desktop.


Full collaborative and knowledge sharing

Ymeetee server empowers your employees and session attendees to collaboratively resolve issues, provide training to internal staff, and share knowledge.

Record and publish

You can record everything in a meeting including desktop updates, audio from phones and/or computers, and webcam video. You can easily convert the recording to standard MP4 formats


Support mobile devices

Ymeetee supports any mobile device including iPad/iPhone, Android, Windows and Blackberry.

Key features

See everyone face-to face

Simply click a webcam icon to meet and collaborate face to face in HD quality.  Ymeetee server can support up to 30 webcams for each individual meeting session with different display formats

key features

How it work

System Diagram


Catering to huddle room, mid size room and large conference room and including mobile road warrior

Product Models

YM-215 Small Business

Basic system comes equipped with                                               

2 Meeting rooms x 15 Concurrent Participants

Maximum capacity 10 x 30

YM-530e Medium Size Business

Basic system comes equipped with                                               

5 Meeting rooms x 30 Concurrent Participants.           

Maximum capacity 100 x 200

YM-1060e Enterprise Business

Basic system comes equipped with                                               

10 Meeting rooms x 60 Concurrent Participants.           

Maximum capacity 100 x 600

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Product Models
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